Creating a Team

Users who work together on more than one project and want to facilitate collaboration can create a Team. Teams allow streamlined administration of projects.

Team projects are owned by the team, rather than an individual user. Team administrators can add or remove members at any time, assigning each member different permissions.

  1. Click the plus sign (+) in the title bar, to the right of the Search field.
  2. Select Create Team.
  3. Enter a Team Name.
  4. Click Create Team.
  5. Add or invite team members. Team members can have one of the following privilege levels:
    • Viewer - Read-only access to team projects. Cannot create new projects within the team but can be added to existing ones.
    • Operator - Read-only access to team projects. Additionally, Operators can start and stop existing jobs in the projects that they have access to.
    • Contributor - Write-level access to all team projects to all team projects with Team or Public visibility. Can create new projects within the team. They can also be added to existing team projects.
    • Admin - Has complete access to all team projects, can add new team members, and modify team account information.
  6. Click Done.