Modifying Project Settings

Project contributors and administrators can modify aspects of the project environment such as the engine used to launch sessions, the environment variables, and to create SSH tunnels to access external resources.

  1. Switch context to the account where the project was created.
  2. Click Projects.
  3. From the list of projects, select the one to modify.
  4. Click Project Settings to open the Project Settings dashboard.
    Modify the project name and its privacy settings on this page.
    Cloudera Machine Learning ensures that your code is always run with the specific engine version you selected. You can also select the engine version and add third-party editors here.
    • Environment Variables - If there are any environmental variables that should be injected into all the engines running this project, you can add them to this page. For more details, see Engine Environment Variables.
    • Shared Memory Limit - You can specify additional shared memory available to sessions running with the project.
    In some environments, external databases and data sources reside behind restrictive firewalls. Cloudera Machine Learning provides a convenient way to connect to such resources using your SSH key. For instructions, see SSH Keys.
    Delete Project
    This page can only be accessed by project administrators. Remember that deleting a project is irreversible. All files, data, sessions, and jobs are removed.