ML Runtimes Known Issues and Limitations

You might run into some known issues while using ML Runtimes.

DSE-17126 Starting a worker from Runtime session will create a worker with engine image

This issue is resolved in ML Runtimes 2021.09 when used with the latest ML Workspace versions.

For workers to function properly with ML Runtimes, please use ML Runtimes 2021.09 or later with CML Workspace version of 2.0.22 or later.

Spark Runtime Add-on required for Spark 2 integration with Scala Runtimes

Scala Runtimes on CML require Spark Runtime Addon to enable Spark2 integration. Spark3 is not supported with the Scala Runtime.

DSE-17981 - Disable Scale runtimes in models, experiments and applications runtime selection

Scala Runtimes should not appear as an option for Models, Experiments, and Applications in the user interface. Currently Scala Runtimes only support Session and Jobs.

DSE-17228 Workbench completion broken in R Runtime session

Code completion does not work in the R Runtimes Workbench versions of the ML Runtimes current release.

Workaround: Downgrade to ML Runtimes 2021.02.

This issue is resolved in ML Runtimes 2021.09.

DSE 14447 Some bugs present for R in the legacy engine persist in ML Runtimes

Some bugs that were present for R in the legacy engine persist in ML runtimes.