Internal Network File System on OCP

Learn about backing up and uninstalling an internal NFS server on OpenShift Container Platform.

Backing up Project Files and Folders

The block device backing the NFS server data must be backed up to protect the CML project files and folders. The backup mechanism would vary depending on the underlying block storage system and backup policies in place.

  1. identify the underlying block storage to backup, first determine the NFS PV:

    $ echo `kubectl get pvc -n cml-nfs -o jsonpath='{.items[0].spec.volumeName}'`
  2. For Ceph, the RBD volume/image name is the name of the dynamically created persistent volume (pvc-3d3316b6-6cc7-11ea-828e-1418774847a1).

Ensure this volume is backed up using an appropriate backup policy. The Backup/Restore feature is not yet supported for workspaces with an internal NFS.

Uninstalling the NFS server on OpenShift

Uninstall the NFS server provisioner using either of the following commands.

Use this command if the NFS server provisioner was installed using oc and yaml files:
$ oc delete scc nfs-scc
$ oc delete clusterrole cml-nfs-nfs-server-provisioner 
$ oc delete clusterrolebinding cml-nfs-nfs-server-provisioner 
$ oc delete namespace cml-nfs
Use this command if the NFS server provisioner was installed using Helm:
$ helm tiller run cml-nfs -- helm delete cml-nfs --purge
$ oc delete scc nfs-scc "nfs-scc" deleted

Storage provisioner change

In CDP 1.5.0 on OCP, CML has changed the underlying storage provisioner for internal workspaces.

Any new internal workspace on 1.5.0 will use CephFS as the underlying storage provisioner. A storage class named "ocs-storagecluster-cephfs" with csi driver set to "" must exist in the cluster for new internal workspaces to get provisioned. Each workspace will have separate 1 TB internal storage.

Internal workspaces running on PVC 1.4.0/1 use NFS server provisioner as the storage provisioner. These workspaces when upgraded to 1.5.0 will continue to run with NFS Provisioner. However, NFS server provisioner is deprecated now and will not be supported in 1.5.1 release. So, customers are expected to migrate their 1.5.0 upgraded workspace from NFS server provisioner to CephFS if they want to continue using the same workspace in 1.5.1 as well. If not, then customer should create a new 1.5.0 workspace and migrate their existing workloads to that before 1.5.1 release.