Creating Resource Profiles

Resource profiles define how many vCPUs and how much memory the product will reserve for a particular workload (for example, session, job, model).

As a site administrator you can create several different vCPU, GPU, and memory configurations which will be available when launching a session/job. When launching a new session, users will be able to select one of the available resource profiles depending on their project's requirements.

  1. To create resource profiles, go to the Site Administration > Runtime/Engine page.
  2. Add a new profile under Resource Profiles.
    Cloudera recommends that all profiles include at least 2 GB of RAM to avoid out of memory errors for common user operations.

    You will see the option to add GPUs to the resource profiles only if your hosts are equipped with GPUs, and you have enabled them for use by setting the relevant properties in cdsw.conf.

If there are two worker nodes and 10 vCPU available overall, if one user tries to establish a session with 8 vCPU, CDSW will not allow it. The memory and CPU must be contiguous (adjacent to each other). When a user spins a session, the pod triggers on a single node and resources on the same node are utilized. This is expected behavior for Kubernetes.

Figure 1. Resource profiles available when launching a session