Managing Users

This topic describes how to manage an ML workspace as a site administrator. Site administrators can monitor and manage all user activity across a workspace, add new custom engines, and configure certain security settings.

By default, the first user that logs in to a workspace must always be a site administrator. That is, they should have been granted the MLAdmin role by a CDP PowerUser.
Only site administrators have access to a Site Administration dashboard that can be used to manage the workspace. To access the site administrator dashboard:
  1. Go to the Cloudera Machine Learning web application and log in as a site administrator.
  2. On the left sidebar, click Site Administration. You will see an array of tabs for all the tasks you can perform as a site administrator.

Monitoring Users

The Users tab on the admin dashboard displays the complete list of users. You can see which users are currently active, and when a user last logged in to Cloudera Machine Learning. You can search for a user by entering their User Id, Username, or Email in the User quick find box. To modify a user's username, email or permissions, click the Edit button under the Action column.

Synchronizing Users

You can synchronize Users within an ML Workspace with those that have been defined access at the Environment level (through the MLAdmin, MLUser, and MLBusinessUser roles). Doing so for new Users enables you to take administrative actions such as setting Team assignments, defining Project Collaborators, and more, all prior to the new Users’ first time logging in to the Workspace.

To synchronize Users, go to Site Administration > Users, and click Synchronize Users. This adds any users defined at the Environment level to the workspace, updates any role changes that have been made, and deactivates any users that have been deactivated.

Synchronizing Groups

Groups of users can be created in the CDP management console and imported to CML. However, changes made in CDP do not automatically update in CML. You need to manually trigger an update, using Sync Teams. For more information, see Creating a Team.