Onboarding Business Users

There are two procedures required for adding Business Users to CML. First, an Admin ensures the Business User has the correct permissions, and second, a Project Owner adds the Business User as a Collaborator.

Make sure the user is already assigned in your external identity provider, such as LDAP.

The Admin user performs these steps:

  1. In Environments, select the correct environment where the ML workspace is hosted.
  2. In Manage Access, search for the user, and add the ML Business User role. Make sure the user does not already have a higher-level permission, such as ML Admin or ML User, either through a direct role assignment or a group membership.
  3. Click Update Roles.
  4. Inside the ML Workspace, go to Site Administration > Users, and click Synchronize Users. This adds the necessary Users defined at the Environment level to the Workspace, and updates any role changes that have been made.
Add the ML Business User as a Collaborator to a Project.