Including Images in allowlist for Cloudera Machine Learning projects

This topic describes how to include custom images in the allowlist so that they can be used in projects.

Including a customized image in Cloudera Machine Learning is a two-step process.

  1. Include the image in the allowlist for the whole deployment.
    First, a site administrator will need to clear the new image for use on the deployment.
    1. Log in as a site administrator.
    2. Click Admin > Engines.
    3. Add <company-registry>/<user-name>/<image-name>:<tag> to the allowlist of engine images.
  2. Include the image in the allowlist for a specific project
    If you want to start using the image in a project, the project administrator will need to set this image as the default image for the project.
    1. Go to the project Settings page.
    2. Click Engines.
    3. Select the new customized engine from the drop-down list of available Docker images. Sessions and jobs you run in your project will now have access to this engine.