Deploying a model from the Model Registry page

You can deploy a model one or more times to create different versions of the model. You can also deploy a model you created in one workspace to a different workspace.

  1. Select Model Registry from the left navigation pane.
  2. Select the model you want to deploy.
    Model Registry display the Model Version List page.
  3. Select the model version you want to deploy.
    Model Registry displays a side window that lists the version information. Dismiss this window to proceed.
  4. Under the Actions menu, click Deploy.
  5. Select the Project you want to deploy to in the dialog box and click Go.
    You can select either the project the model is located in or another project to deploy the model to.
    Model Registry displays the Deploy a Model page with the detailed model information auto populated.
  6. If you enable authentication, you will need to enter an API key to access and use the model in the case you have deployed the model to a shared project.
  7. Click OK.