Configuring the Engine Environment

This section describes some of the ways you can configure engine environments to meet the requirements of your projects.

Install Additional Packages

For information on how to install any additional required packages and dependencies to your engine, see Installing Additional Packages.

Environmental Variables

For information on how environmental variables can be used to configure engine environments in Cloudera Machine Learning, see Engine Environment Variables.

Configuring Shared Memory Limit for Docker Images

You can increase the shared memory size for the sessions, experiments, and jobs running within an Engine container within your project. For Docker, the default size of the available shared memory is 64 MB.

To increase the shared memory limit:
  1. From the web UI, go to Projects > Project Settings > Engine > Advanced Settings
  2. Specify the shared memory size in the Shared Memory Limit field.
  3. Click Save Advanced Settings to save the configuration and exit.

This mounts a volume with the tmpfs file system to /dev/shm and Kubernetes will enforce the given limit. The maximum size of this volume is the half of your physical RAM in the node without the swap.