Fixed Issues

This section lists issues fixed in this release of Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) on Private Cloud.

DSE-24333: Embedded Spark UI fails to load in Spark pushdown mode for Spark 3

When Spark is run on yarn, the configuration attempts to disable proxying of the Spark UI through the Yarn Resource Manager. This setting was not respected by Spark 3 binaries and resulted in the Could not determine the proxy server for redirection error message when attempting to reach the embedded Spark UI on the driver.

This behavior works again in Spark 3.2.3 with CDH 7.1.7 and Spark 3.3.2 with CDH 7.1.9.

DSE-32887: Runtime updates cannot be enabled from the Cloudera Manager UI Site Administration dashboard
Runtime updates can now be enabled from the CML UI Site Administration dashboard.
DSE-29976: Job Arguments fail in PBJ runtimes
PBJ (Powered by Jupyter) Runtimes were not able to access Job arguments as standard command line arguments. To mitigate this, a new environment variable was added to Jobs, called "JOB_ARGUMENTS". This environment variable can be used to access arguments specified in the Job Creation or Job Update UI.