ML Runtimes Version 2021.12

Major features and updates for ML Runtimes.

This release is available with ML Runtimes version 2021.12.

Version 2021.12

New features

  • New versions provided for all ML Runtimes.
  • Added R 4.1 Runtimes
  • RAPIDS base image was updated to use 21.12 RAPIDS release (DSE-19745)

Fixed issues

  • DSE-17817 psycopg2 now can be installed for Models.

  • DSE-17547 Fixed a matplotlib warning in RAPIDS Runtimes.

  • DSE-10146 Fixed issue causing R workbench to crash due to an illegal character.

  • DSE-17657 Upgrade jupyterlab and notebook for CVE-2021-32797 and CVE-2021-32798.

  • Various security and library version updates

  • DSE-19805 Fixed CVE-2022-22817 critical vulnerability in Python Runtimes