Create a cluster from the AMI

Execute a CLI command to select one AMI from the catalog, and create a cluster based on the image.

At the command line, submit the custom AMI to create a cluster. Use the following CLI command. Make sure that the “name” key is set to the name of the custom catalog you used when registering the catalog, above. (Here: “my-catalog”)

cdp ml create-workspace --cli-input-json '{ "environmentName": "eng-ml-dev-env-aws",
"workspaceName": "cmk-workspace","provisionK8sRequest": {"instanceGroups": 
[{"instanceType": "m5.4xlarge","rootVolume":{"size": 96},
"autoscaling": {"minInstances": 1,"maxInstances": 5}},{"instanceType": "p2.8xlarge",
"rootVolume": {"size": 96},"autoscaling": {"minInstances": 1,"maxInstances": 5}}],
"environmentName": "eng-ml-dev-env-aws","network": {"topology": {}}},"enableMonitoring": true,
"existingDatabaseConfig": {},"imageCatalog": {"name": "my-catalog"}}'