Instance type preflight check fails

On AWS, in a given region, the corresponding Availability Zones do not always support the same instance types. The instance type preflight check will fail if the desired instance type is not supported in all AZs in the region.

If the preflight check fails, check all failed AZs for the supported instance types using this command:

aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type availability-zone --filters Name=location,Values=<az> 
   --query "InstanceTypeOfferings[].InstanceType" --region <region>


It is possible, but not guaranteed, that skipping the validation will result in successful provisioning of a CML workspace. AWS selects the AZ for creating an instance group based on the VPC and Subnet configuration of the customer’s datalake; the user cannot choose the AZ.

Alternatively, select an instance type that is supported by all AZs in the region.