Troubleshooting ML Workspaces on Azure

You can collect logs to troubleshoot issues that occur in ML Workspaces with Azure.

How to access Azure logs

Logs from the AKS control plane can be found in the "Logs" blade of the liftie-xxxxxxx resource group (not to be confused with the "Logs" blade of the AKS cluster itself or the Log Analytics Workspace in that resource group). The logs can be looked up using a query language developed by Microsoft.

Cluster fails to scale down

If a worker node is idle but is not being scaled down, check the cluster autoscaler logs.

Use this example to look up the logs:
 AzureDiagnostics | where Category ==

The logs list the pods that are scheduled on a given node that are preventing it from being scaled down, or other reasons for its scaling decisions. Services running in the kube-system namespace (such as tunnelfront, or metrics-server) have been known to delay scale-down when scheduled on an otherwise idle node.

Delete ML Workspace fails

If you delete a workspace, and the delete operation fails, you can use Force delete to remove the workspace.

In this case, CML attempts to delete associated cloud resources for the workspace including metadata files. However, users should check that all such resources have been deleted, and delete manually if necessary.