Access paths to CDP and its components

To access the various CDP components, you must understand the access paths unique to the entry points that are specific to users and situations.

The typical access entry methods and their details are as follows:

  • SSO access through Management Console - After the initial identity provider configuration, users can access CDP and its SSO-interfaces through the Management Console. You can access various CDP services including Management Console, and Machine Learning Workspaces.
  • Accessing non-SSO interfaces using LDAP password
  • Machine user access - To get programmatic access to CDP and its services, you can create and use a machine user. The process to set up the machine user for access is as follows:
    • Create a machine user in the User Management section of Management Console.
    • Get access keys in the Management Console for this machine user.
    • Use APIs and CDP CLI to set the IPA password for the machine user.