CDP Private Cloud environment prerequisites

CDP Private Cloud requires that you set up specific account criteria prior to registering an environment.

Set up the following before registering an environment:
  • The trust store file that is configured in Cloudera Manager must meet the following requirements:
    • The file should not be empty
    • The file should be in JKS format (not PKCS12)
    • The file should contain the Certificate Authorities that have signed the following certificates:
      • The certificates of all Cloudera Manager servers that the user plans to use as base clusters in Private Cloud
      • The certificates of all external Postgres servers used by Hive Metastore services in all base clusters

    You can access the trust store file in Cloudera Manager at Administration > Settings > Security > "Cloudera Manager TLS/SSL Client Trust Store File".

  • Your base cluster should meet the following requirements:
    • Ranger configured and running
    • Atlas configured and running
    • HMS configured and running
    • HDFS available and warehouse root configured
  • A Kubeconfig file with cluster admin privileges.
  • The associated Cloudera Manager user name and password.