Fixed Issues

This section lists the Management Console issues that have been fixed in release 1.3.1 of the CDP Private Cloud Management Console service.

Option to install CDP Private Cloud Experiences using an external database and without using SSL appears on the installation wizard

This issue is resolved. The option to install without SSL no longer appears on the wizard. Now, you must upload a CA certificate when using an external database during the installation process.

Cloudera Machine Learning archive logs in a diagnostic bundle may not reflect the correct pod

This issue is resolved. The CML archive logs now indicate the correct pod.

The upgrade process of the monitoring platform is not retried after two unsuccessful attempts

This issue is resolved. The monitoring platform automatically retries a failed upgrade process until it successfully completes.

The Send Test Event option stops responding in case of connection issues when configuring an alert receiver

This issue is resolved. In case of connection issues when attempting to send a test event for an alert receiver, the system displays an error.

The alert-admin-service pod does not start if the configured database does not use SSL/TSL

This issue is resolved. The alert-admin-service pod can use a database that does not have SSL/TSL configured.