Generating an API access key

A CDP user account (a user or a machine user) must have API access credentials to access CDP services.

Users who have the IAMUser role can generate an access key from their own account page. As a CDP Private Cloud administrator, you can generate an access key for a user account that does not have the IAMUser role.


Management Console UI

  1. Sign in to the CDP console.
  2. Click Management Console.
  3. Click User Management.

    The Users page displays the list of all the available CDP users.

  4. Click the name of the user or machine user account for which you want to generate an access key.

    The user account page for the selected user appears.

  5. Go to the Access Keys section and click Generate Access Key.

    CDP Private Cloud creates the Access Key ID and Private Key, and displays this information on the screen.

  6. Click Download Credentials File to download the generated access credentials as a file.
    If you have generated these details for another user, you can share the credentials file with that user.
  7. Copy the access key and private key to a text file and send it to the CDP user who requires it.
  8. Click OK to exit the access key window.


Use the following commands to generate an API access key for a user or a machine user:
cdp iam create-user-access-key
cdp iam create-machine-user-access-key --machine-user-name <value>