Configuring CDP client with the API access key

After you generate the access key, go to the command line and run a specific set of commands to configure the CDP client.

  1. On the command line, run the following command to configure the client with the access key:
    cdp configure
  2. Enter the following information at the prompt:
    • CDP Access key: Copy and paste the access key ID that you generated in the Management Console.
    • CDP Private key: Copy and paste the private key that you generated in the Management Console.
    • CDP Endpoint URL: Specify the CDP console URL.

    The configuration utility creates the following file to store your user credentials:

  3. Run the following command to specify the base URL for the legacy CDP API services.
    cdp configure set endpoint_url <url>/api/v1

    Here, <url> is the CDP console URL.

  4. To verify that the credentials were created correctly, run the following command:
    cdp iam get-user

    The command displays your CDP client credentials.

  5. After you configure the client, go back to the Management Console and click OK to exit the access key window.