CLI reference for using DRS on Control Plane

You can use the Data Recovery Service (DRS) commands using the CDP CLI to backup and restore resources and data in the Control Plane of CDP Private Cloud Data Services.

The following table provides the CDP CLI options to backup and restore the Control Plane:

CDP CLI options Usage Description
create-backup cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp create-backup [--backup-name [***value***]] [--item-name [***value***]] Creates a backup and archives it as a ZIP file on the same cluster.

The item-name is optional for Control Plane data recovery service.

You can provide a unique backup name, so that you can identify the backup easily during restore.

When you run this command, the service initiates the backup process and returns the assigned ID or backupCrn for the backup.

delete-backup cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp delete-backup--backup-crn [***backupCrn***] Deletes the specified backup (backupCrn) permanently.
describe-backup cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp describe-backup--backup-crn [***backupCrn***] Shows the progress of the current status of the specified backupCrn (backup event).
describe-restore cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp describe-restore --restore-crn [***restoreCrn***] Shows the progress of the current status of the specified restoreCrn (restore event).
get-logs cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp get-logs --crn [***backupCrn or restoreCrn***]] Returns logs about the specified backup, restore, or delete job and automatically creates a diagnostic bundle.

You can download the bundle to your machine to analyze an issue or share it with Cloudera Support for further troubleshooting.

list-backup-entities cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp list-backup-entities Lists the entities that you can backup, which includes the Control Plane namespace and its corresponding vault namespace (if embedded).
list-backups cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp list-backups [--backup-name [***value***]][--job-states [***value***]] Lists the successful backup jobs of backupCrn.

You can filter the backup jobs using the NOT_STARTED; IN_PROGRESS; COMPLETED; PARTIALLY_FAILED; and FAILED job states.

list-restores cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp list-restores [--job-states [***value***]][--backup-crn [***backupCrn***]] Lists the past restore events.
restore-backup cdp --endpoint-url [***endpoint-url] --formfactor private drscp restore-backup[--backup-crn [***backupCrn***]] Restores the backup of the specified backupCrn. During the restore event, the existing Kubernetes resources and data are deleted and then recreated using the information in the backup.

When you run the command, the service initiates the restore event and returns a restoreCrn value.

For more information about the data recovery service CDP CLI options for Control Plane, see CDP CLI drscp.