Data Recovery Service overview

The Data Recovery Service (DRS) is a microservice in CDP Private Cloud that allows you to back up and restore Kubernetes namespaces and resources on both Embedded Container Service (ECS) and OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). Cloudera recommends that you create a backup of your Kubernetes namespace using DRS before a maintenance activity or in general, as a best practice.

Using DRS, you can take a backup of:
  • the Kubernetes resources associated with the cdp namespace and the embedded vault namespaces of the Control Plane. The resources include deployment-related information, stateful sets, secrets, and configmaps.
  • the data used by the stateful pods, such as the data in the embedded database and Kubernetes persistent volume claim.

By default, the data recovery service is located in the [***CDP_INSTALLATION_NAMESPACE***]-drs namespace. For example, if the CDP Private Cloud Data Services installation is located in the cdp namespace, the data recovery service namespace is automatically named cdp-drs. If you have multiple CDP Private Cloud Data Services installations (as in OCP), the data recovery service is named accordingly.

You must have the PowerUser role to run the DRS commands using the CDP CLI.