Registering a CDP Private Cloud environment

After you have set up the CDP Private Cloud requirements, you can register the environment.


Management Console UI

  1. Sign into the CDP console.
  2. Click Environments.
  3. On the Environments page, click Register Environment.
  4. On the Register Environment page, provide the required information.


    Environments in CDP Private Cloud provide shared data, security, and governance (metadata) for your machine learning and data warehouse applications.
    Property Description
    Environment Name Enter a name for your environment. This name will be used to refer to this environment in CDP.

    Note: Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service requires that you specify the environment name 45 characters long. This is because CDW uses a deterministic namespace and adds a prefix to the environment name. The length of the namespace ID after CDW applies a prefix to the Environment name, including the hyphen (-), should not exceed 63 characters.

    Compute Cluster Resources

    To run workloads, you must specify a Kubeconfig file to register a Kubernetes cluster with CDP Private Cloud.

    Property Description
    Kubernetes Configurations Click Upload Files, then select a Kubeconfig file to enable CDP to access a Kubernetes cluster.
    Storage class The storage class on the OpenShift cluster. If you do not specify this value, the default storage class is used.
    Domain The default domain suffix for workload applications.

    Data Lake

    A Data Lake refers to the shared security and governance services in a CDP Data Center cluster linked to a CDP Private Cloud environment, and managed by Cloudera Manager. To register an environment, CDP Private Cloud needs to access Cloudera Manager and its Data Lake services.

    Parameter Description
    Cloudera Manager URL The Cloudera Manager URL.
    Cloudera Manager Admin Username The Cloudera Manager administrator user name.
    Cloudera Manager Admin Password The Cloudera Manager administrator password.
  5. Under Data Lake, click Connect.When CDP Private Cloud has successfully connected to Cloudera Manager, a confirmation message appears, along with the Data Lake cluster services.
  6. Click Register.The environment page appears. The new environment is also listed on the Environments page.


You can use the following command to create a new environment:
cdp environments create-private-environment \
--environment-name <value> \
--address <value> \
--authentication-token <value> \
----cluster-names <value>

For a detailed description of the command properties, use cdp environments create-private-environment --help