What's new

New features in the 1.5.2 release of the CDP Private Cloud Management Console service.

No wildcard DNS/TLS setup
Data Services enablements
Unified timezone with PvC Base
OCP 4.12
K8s 1.25

Auditing is now supported. In Private Cloud, Control Plane audit data are sent to an OTEL collector. The OTEL collector can be configured to send data to external systems – such IBM Guardian – using the syslog OTEL exporter.

Diagnostic bundle improvements
DWX diagnostic data is now:
  • Separated into folders per warehouse containing namespace information
  • DWX diagnostics bundle for each warehouse
Configuration setting to increase RKE cluster certificates lifetime
A new cluster-signing-duration configuration setting in Cloudera Manager enables you adjust the RKE (K8S cluster) certificates Expiry time. This setting is expressed in days, with a default value of 1825 days (5 years). It is automatically renewed before the certificates expire.