Getting started as an admin

As an admin user for CDP Private Cloud Data Services, there are specific tasks that you must perform to ensure that authorized users can log in, and work on the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), and Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) experiences.

Accessing CDP Private Cloud

Log into the CDP Private Cloud console as the local admin user for setting up the users. If LDAP is already configured with the base cluster, then those LDAP users are automatically added on logging in to the CDP Private Cloud console the first time.

Setting up an identity provider

In order to add users from your organization to CDP, set up your identity provider. For instructions, refer to Configuring identity providers.

Setting up an environment

Register an environment for your organization. Environments in CDP Private Cloud provide shared data, security, and governance (metadata) for your machine learning and data warehouse applications. For instructions on registering, refer to Environments.

Assigning roles to users and groups

You must assign roles to the users and the user groups to access CDP Private Cloud. For instructions, refer to the following:

Provisioning compute resources

After performing these steps, you are set to start provisioning compute resources such as Data Warehouses, Machine Learning workspaces, and Data Engineering clusters. For more information, refer to the following: