Working with CDP Private Cloud diagnostic data

CDP Private Cloud enables you to generate and download diagnostic data associated with the various services and workloads for troubleshooting purposes. You can perform these tasks from the Diagnostic Data tab of the Management Console.

CDP Private Cloud uses fluentd to collect logs from the Management Console services, and the CML, CDW, and CDE workloads. If Ozone is configured to store logs from the workloads, the information collected by fluentd is stored on Ozone. Otherwise, the data is moved through a fluentd aggregator in the Management Console to an OpenShift persistent volume where all the Management Console logs are also stored.

When an administrator selects the option to generate the diagnostic bundle from the Management Console > Administration > Diagnostic Data page, Management Console generates a bundle containing the following details after querying the relevant components and services:
  • Logs from the OpenShift persistent volume
  • CDW, CML, and CDE logs stored on Ozone
  • Kubernetes deployment information such as events, logs, details of the OpenShift pods and so on.
  • Metrics for monitoring such as usage information and so on.
  • Management Console information such as version, UUID, and so on.