Install CDP client on Linux

Install CDP client on Linux and verify that the CDP CLI client is working.

  1. To avoid conflicts with older versions of Python or other packages, Cloudera recommends that you install the CDP client in a virtual environment. Use the virtualenv tool to create a virtual environment and install the client.
  2. Use pip to install the client on a virtual environment:
    mkdir ~/cdpclienv
    virtualenv ~/cdpclienv
    source ~/cdpclienv/bin/activate
    ~/cdpclienv/bin/pip install cdpcli
  3. To upgrade the CDP client to the latest version, run the following command:
    ~/cdpclienv/bin/pip install --upgrade cdpcli
  4. After the client installation process is complete, run the following command to confirm that the CDP client is working:
    • If virtualenv is activated: cdp --version
    • If virtualenv is not activated: ~/cdpclienv/bin/cdp --version