Using classic clusters with a non-transparent proxy

If your organization has a non-transparent proxy on the CM/Knox node, the following steps must be performed prior to classic cluster registration.

When you register a cluster in CDP as a classic cluster, CDP installs CCM on the CM/Knox node of CDH and HDP clusters to establish connection between the on-premise cluster and CDP, allowing communication with the CDP Control Plane to kick off replication jobs on schedule. To do this, CCM must be able to connect to the outside of the Data Center.


Create the following file on the Cloudera Manager node (in case of a CDH or CDP Private Cloud Base cluster) or on the Knox node (in case of an HDP cluster):

The file should include a proxy link. The format of the file should be:
  • The <username> and <password> should be replaced with an actual username that allows access to the proxy.

  • The <> should be replaced with the URL of the proxy server.

Once you’ve performed these steps, you can proceed to registering your cluster in CDP.