Adding a CDH cluster reachable through private IP address

For improved security, clusters within your environment do not need public IP addresses. You can configure them with only private IP addresses so that there are no inbound network paths open. However, to add your cluster to CDP, you must establish a communication line.

The Cluster Connectivity Manager establishes a reverse SSH tunnel from the cluster to CDP. You must download and install AutoSSH and the connectivity install scripts to establish a secure two-way communication channel. The AutoSSH client and scripts ensure a resilient connection. If the tunnel is interrupted, the client will retry and establish a new tunnel. If the client process fails, the client will be automatically restarted.
  1. On the CDP Management Console > Classic Clusters, provide the cluster details.
  2. Download the AutoSSH rpm from the specified location and the connectivity installation scripts from CDP on to the cluster.
  3. Install AutoSSH on the cluster.
  4. Run the connectivity installation scripts to establish a secure channel of communication.
  5. Verify the connection from CDP to ensure that you are able to access the Cloudera Manager host through the reverse SSH tunnel.
  6. Register the cluster for performing further operations.