Upgrading from CCMv1 to CCMv2

Upgrading from CCMv1 to CCMv2 is available via FreeIPA upgrades.

To perform the upgrade, your account must have the following entitlements granted:



Once the entitlements have been granted, users will be able to select CCM upgrades as part of the FreeIPA upgrade.

To check the version of CCM that you are currently on, you can run the following command using CDP CLI after replacing <ENVIRONMENT-NAME> with an actual value:
cdp environments describe-environment --environment-name=<ENVIRONMENT-NAME> --output=json | yq -r '.environment.tunnelType'

CDP will return one of the following values:

  • CCM (if CCMv1 is installed)
  • CCMV2 (for CCMv2 is installed)