Creating additional managed identities

After creating the two additional container, create two additional managed identities, one for data engineers (data-eng-mi) and one data scientists (data-science-mi).

To create the two new managed identities, perform the following steps:

  1. On Azure Portal, navigate to Managed Identities.
  2. Click +Add.
  3. Specify managed identity name and select the resource group that you created earlier.

Repeat these steps to create each of the two managed identities. Once you’ve created these managed identities, assign roles with specific scopes (limited to one of the two containers, data-eng or data-science respectively) to these identities as follows:

  1. Navigate to Storage accounts > your storage account > Containers > your container > Access Control (IAM).
  2. Click +Add > Add role assignment.
  3. Under Add role assignment:
    1. Under Role, select Storage Blob Data Owner.
    2. Under Assign access to, select User assigned managed identity.
    3. Under Select, select the managed identity.
    4. Click Save.

After performing these steps for each of the two managed identities, you should have the required managed identities created and their roles assigned on the correct scope.