Enable Private Flexible Server on an existing environment

You can change an existing environment to launch the new Data Hubs with a Private Flexible Server. You can achieve this by editing the Network settings of your environment.


See Azure prerequisites for Flexible Server.


  1. In the Management Console, navigate to Environments and then navigate to a specific environment.

  2. Click on the Summary tab.

  3. Scroll down to Network and click the (edit) button.

  4. Click on the toggle button next to Enable Private Flexible Server to enable the feature.

  5. Under Select subnet(s) for private flexible database server, select a delegated subnet.

  6. Select a Private DNS Zone for the Private Flexible Server. This is required.
  7. Click Save.

Use the following command:
cdp environments update-azure-database-resources
 --environment <PASTE-CRN>
 --database-private-dns-zone-id <SPECIFY-DNS-ZONE-ID>
 --flexible-server-subnet-ids <SPECIFY-SUBNET-IDs>
For example:
cdp environments update-azure-database-resources 
  --environment crn:cdp:environments:us-west-1:071ea970-ac52-4a7a-a68f-75d64cf59809:environment:n7aa8c0d-d220-4459-bd47-f19e5291d911 
  --database-private-dns-zone-id /subscriptions/1e0c1142-6256-61b9-b80a-c5888d6e1e22/resourceGroups/b3x-at50645-weu-bde/providers/Microsoft.Network/privateDnsZones/b3xeng.postgres.database.azure.com
  --flexible-server-subnet-ids /subscriptions/1e0c1142-6256-61b9-b80a-c5888d6e1e22/resourceGroups/spoke-network-at50645-eng-300361-az01/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/vnt-300361-az01/subnets/USER-0303