Troubleshooting Flexible Server

Refer to this documentation for troubleshooting Azure environments using Flexible Server.

Missing default outbound access


Data Lake provisioning failed due to missing outbound access.


By default, Single Server utilizes service endpoints (Azure Database for PostgreSQL server - Microsoft.Sql) that provide secure and direct connectivity to DB service over an optimized route over the Azure backbone network from the Virtual Machines, but that is not the case with Flexible Server. This means that there are certain cases when you have to explicitly ensure that outbound (i.e. egress) network connectivity from the selected Virtual Network is set up using NAT-Gateway, UDR, or similar.

This requirement is applicable in the following conditions:

  • An existing network is being used.

  • Create Public IP is disabled.

  • Public Endpoint Gateway is disabled.

The lack of default outbound access can be mitigated by using private setup or using public IPs instead.

For more information, see Default outbound access in Azure.