Using CDP CLI to register RAZ-enabled Azure environment

You can use the CDP CLI to register a RAZ-enabled Azure environment. You must download and install beta CDP CLI, and then use CDP CLI commands to register a RAZ-enabled Azure environment.

  1. To install beta CDP CLI, see Installing Beta CDP CLI.
  2. To register a RAZ-enabled Azure environment, use the --ranger-cloud-access-authorizer-role [***RAZ_IDENTITY***] CDP CLI command.
    If you have CDP CLI templates to create an Azure environment, modify them by adding the additional parameter required for RAZ.
    The additional option is highlighted in the following sample snippet:
    cdp environments create-azure-environment \
    --environment-name [***ENVIRONMENT_NAME***] \
    --credential-name [***CREDENTIAL_NAME***] \
    --region [***REGION***] \
    --security-access cidr=[***YOUR_CIDR***] \
    --public-key [***SSH_PUBLIC_KEY***] \
    --log-storage [***LOG_STORAGE_CONFIGURATION***]\
    --resource-group-name [***EXISTING_RESOURCE_GROUP***] 
    cdp environments set-id-broker-mappings \
    --environment-name [***ENVIRONMENT_NAME***] \
    --data-access-role [***DATA_ACCESS_IDENTITY***]\
    --ranger-audit-role [***RANGER_AUDIT_IDENTITY***] \
    --ranger-cloud-access-authorizer-role [***RAZ_IDENTITY***] \
    cdp datalake create-azure-datalake \
    --datalake-name [***DATALAKE_NAME***] \
    --environment-name [***ENVIRONMENT_NAME***] \
    --cloud-provider-configuration [***STORAGE_LOCATION_BASE_CONFIGURATION***] \