Step 1: Create a provisioning credential

The first step is to create a provisioning credential. The CDP credential is the mechanism that allows CDP to create resources inside of your GCP account.


  1. Log in to the CDP console and navigate to the Management Console > Environments> Shared Resources > Credentials.

  2. Click on the "Create Credential" button and select the (Google Cloud Platform) tab.

  3. Give your credential a name and description.

  4. Copy the script provided under “Create Service Account”:
    This script creates the service account that is a prerequisite for the CDP credential.
  5. Navigate to the GCP console.
  6. Verify that you are in the project that you would like to use for CDP. Switch projects if needed:
  7. Open the Cloud Shell (available from upper right corner):
    The Cloud Shell window opens in the bottom of the browser window.
  8. Paste the script directly into the Cloud Shell terminal.
  9. When prompted, click Authorize.
  10. The script will run and then end by prompting you to download the credential file to your local machine. Click Download to download the file:
  11. Head back to the CDP console and upload the JSON credential file you just downloaded from the GCP console:
  12. Click the "Create" button and you're done!