Shared resources

CDP allows you to manage and reuse certain resources across environments.

Shared resources include:

Resource Description
Credentials A credential allows your CDP environment to authenticate with your cloud provider account and to obtain authorization to provision cloud provider resources for Data Hub clusters and other resources provisioned via CDP. There is one credential per environment.
Cluster definitions A cluster definition defines cloud provider specific Data Hub cluster settings such as instance types, storage, and so on. Cluster definitions are specified in JSON format. Each Data Hub cluster is based on a single cluster definition. Each cluster definition references a single cluster template.
Cluster templates A cluster template is a blueprint that defines cluster topology, including the number of host groups and all components and sub-components installed on each host group. Cluster templates are specified in JSON format. Each Data Hub cluster is based on a single cluster template.
Image catalogs By default, Data Hub includes an image catalog with default images. These images are used for creating Data Hub clusters.
Recipes A recipe is a custom script that can be uploaded and used for running a specific task on Data Hub clusters. You can upload and select multiple recipes to have them executed on a Data Hub cluster at a specific time.

Shared resources only need to be registered once and then can be reused for multiple environments. Since shared resources are not attached to a specific workload cluster, their lifespan is not limited to the lifespan of the cluster.