Creating a storage account for operating system images manually

In some cases where your organization’s security policies require it, you may want to manually pre-create the storage account that CDP uses for storing operating system images.


  1. Create a resource group on Azure with the name “cloudbreak-images”.
  2. Create a storage account on Azure.
    1. The name is the concatenation of the following three elements:
      • “cbimg”
      • Region identifier: The starting letters of the region where the SA is. For example, “eu” for East US, or “eu2” for East US 2.
      • Subscription ID, without hyphens ('-') and all lowercase. For example, if your subscription ID is a9d4456e-349f-46f5-bc73-54a8d523e504,you should convert it to a9d4456e349f46f5bc7354a8d523e504.
      For example, if the storage account is in East US 2 region in subscription a9d4456e-349f-46f5-bc73-54a8d523e504, the name would be cbimgeu2a9d4456e349f46f5bc7354a8d523e504.
    2. Disable hierarchical namespace. Make sure not to omit this setting as it cannot be changed after the storage account is created.