Configuring the Cloudera Observability On-Premises cost center criteria

The Cloudera Observability On-Premises Financial Governance Chargeback feature defines cost centers based on certain criteria. Configure your Cloudera Observability On-Premises Chargeback settings by designating your cost center resource usage across users and pools and defining the unit resource consumption costs.

The Cloudera Observability On-Premises Chargeback calculates user and pool costs based on CPU and memory consumption. You decide the CPU and Memory unit rates using your internal pricing or cost model.

  1. Verify that you are logged in to the Cloudera Observability On-Premises web UI.
    1. In the URL field of a supported web browser, enter the Cloudera Observability On-Premises URL that you were given by your system administrator and press Enter.
    2. When the Cloudera Observability On-Premises Log in page opens, enter your Cloudera Observability On-Premises user name and password access credentials.
    3. Click Log in.
      The Cloudera Observability On-Premises landing page opens.
  2. From the Cloudera Observability On-Premises Main navigation panel, select Financial Governance.
  3. To configure your Chargeback criteria, do the following:
    1. From the Actions list, select Chargeback Settings.

      The Setup page opens displaying the Chargeback Criteria settings.

    2. From the Select your Chargeback criteria section, select the required user or pool usage criterion option for your cost centers.

      Where, the Users option defines your cost centers based on users, and the Pools option defines your cost centers based on your resource pools.

    3. From the Unit cost section, do the following:
      1. In the CPU ($/CPU core hours) field, enter the amount for each CPU core hour.
      2. In the Memory ($/GB hours) field, enter the amount for each gigabyte hour.
    4. Click Complete Setup.

    Now that you have configured your Chargeback criteria settings you can start creating cost centers.

  4. To change your Chargeback criteria, do the following:
    1. From the Actions list on the Environments page, select Chargeback Settings.

      The Chargeback Criteria Setup page opens.

    2. If required, change the usage criterion option by selecting the option now required.

      A warning message appears explaining that all cost centers associated with your previous usage criterion will be hidden.

    3. If required, from the Unit cost section, make your changes to the CPU and Memory unit costs.
    4. Click Update.

    If you changed the usage criterion, for example from Users to Pools, your cost centers from the previous usage criterion (Users) are hidden. To display the unit consumption costs of your resources based on the new usage criterion value requires creating new cost centers.