Exporting a report about your workload jobs and queries

You can save the job or query information displayed on the Jobs or Queries page of the Cloudera Observability UI as a CSV formatted file on your system. You can use this report for further analysis using other tools or for printing and sharing with others. Learn how to export reports about your workload Jobs and Queries in Cloudera Observability.

Steps to export a report about your Spark, MapReduce, Oozie Jobs, and Impala and Hive Queries.

  1. Verify that you are logged in to the Cloudera Observability web UI and that you selected an environment from the Analytics Environments page.
    1. In a supported browser, log into the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).
      The CDP web interface landing page opens.
    2. From the Your Enterprise Data Cloud landing page, select the Observability tile.
      The Cloudera Observability landing page opens to the main navigation panel.
    3. From the Cloudera Observability Environments page, select the environment required for analysis.

      The Environment navigation panel opens.

  2. Depending on the environment selected, verify that the Cluster Summary page is displayed for the environment's cluster that is required for analysis.
  3. Optional: From the time-range list on the Cluster Summary page, select a time that meets your requirements.
  4. On the Cluster Summary page, locate the Trend chart widget for the engine that processed your jobs or queries of interest and click its Total value. For example, locate the Hive Query Trend chart widget and click its Total Queries value.
    Depending on the engine selected, the engine's Jobs or Queries page opens.
  5. From the filters menu bar, click Export.
    A Download Report message appears stating that the report is generating.

    When completed, the data displayed in the engine's Jobs or Queries page is downloaded as a CSV formatted file to your Downloads folder.