Manually configuring API key for CML workspace (Technical Preview)

After the telemetry pipeline has been deployed, you must manually create Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) API keys and update the Kubernetes secret in the workspace cluster to allow telemetry agents to collect workload metadata from CML workers.

Describes how to create the secret key for any given CML workspace integrating with Cloudera Observability.

If you do not have an existing legacy API key, then you must generate a new legacy API key for a machine user with an MLAdmin role. For steps, see Generating legacy API key.

  1. Copy the legacy API key generated in the prerequisite section, or use the existing legacy API key, and save it in a text file. For example, cml_api_key.txt.
  2. Get remote access to the ML Workspace and download the kubeconfig file for the CML Workspace. For steps, see Granting Remote Access to ML Workspaces in Cloudera Machine Learning documentation.
  3. Copy the API key content to a shell script file. See API key configuration script content.
  4. Using the downloaded the kubeconfig file, run the shell script as displayed in the following example:
    sh ./ [***API KEY FILE PATH***]