Diagnostic metrics collection details

Describes the type of data provided by the Cloudera data services and collected by Telemetry Publisher.

Telemetry Publisher collects and sends the following diagnostic metrics to Cloudera Observability:

  • MapReduce Jobs — Telemetry Publisher polls the YARN Job History Server for recently completed MapReduce jobs. For each of these jobs, Telemetry Publisher collects the configuration and jhist file, which is the job history file that contains job and task counters, from HDFS. Telemetry Publisher can be configured to collect MapReduce task logs from HDFS and send them to Cloudera Observability. By default, this log collection is turned off.
  • Spark Applications — Telemetry Publisher polls the Spark History Server for recently completed Spark applications. For each of these applications, Telemetry Publisher collects the event log from HDFS. You can configure Telemetry Publisher to collect the executor logs of Spark applications from HDFS and send them to Cloudera Observability. By default, this data collection is turned off.
  • Oozie Workflows — Telemetry Publisher polls Oozie servers for recently completed Oozie workflows and sends the details to Cloudera Observability.
  • Hive Queries — The Cloudera Manager agent periodically searches for query detail files that are generated by HiveServer2 after a query completes, and then sends the details from those files to Telemetry Publisher.
  • Impala Queries — A Cloudera Manager agent periodically looks for query profiles of recently completed queries and sends them to Telemetry Publisher.