Metric sources sent to Cloudera Observability

Describes the resources from which you can configure Telemetry Publisher to collect diagnostic metrics.

Telemetry Publisher collects and transmits metrics as well as configuration and log files from Impala, Oozie, Hive, YARN, and Spark services for jobs running on your clusters to Cloudera Observability, as shown in the above diagram. The metrics are collected as follows:

  • Pull — Telemetry Publisher pulls diagnostic metrics from Oozie, YARN, and Spark periodically (by default, once per minute).
  • Push — A Cloudera Manager Agent pushes diagnostic data from Hive and Impala to Telemetry Publisher within 5 seconds after a job finishes.

After the diagnostic data reaches Telemetry Publisher, it is stored temporarily in its data directory and periodically (once per minute) exported to Cloudera Observability.