This CDP CLI beta command for Cloudera Operational Database (COD) creates a new operational database.

Command syntax


[--auto-scaling-parameters <value>]
[--dns-forward-domain <value>]
[--dns-forward-ns-ip <value>]
[--subnet-id <value>]
[--custom-user-tags <value>]
[--use-hdfs | --no-use-hdfs]
  • --auto-scaling-parameters
    Parameters that helps you to configure and control autoscaling on a database.
    cdp opdb create-database --auto-scaling-parameters

    Shorthand syntax:


    JSON syntax:

                "targetedValueForMetric": integer,
                "maxWorkersForDatabase": integer,
                "maxWorkersPerBatch": integer,
                "minWorkersForDatabase": integer,
                "evaluationPeriod": integer,
                "minimumBlockCacheGb": integer
  • --dns-forward-domain

    You can use your domain name to configure the COD database to resolve from the nameserver provided in --dns-forward-ns-ip

    cdp opdb create-database --dns-forward-domain
  • --dns-forward-ns-ip

    This is the IP address of a DNS server outside of CDP to forward the name resolution requests to for the domain given in --dns-forward-domain

    cdp opdb create-database --dns-forward-ns-ip
  • --subnet-id

    This is the ID of the subnet in the cloud provider to launch infrastructure into when you are creating the database.

    cdp opdb create-database --subnet-id
  • --custom-user-tags

    The list of key-value pairs to apply to the infrastructure launched in the cloud provider. You can identify and monitor infrastructure resources that are launched in your AWS account by applying the --custom-user-tags. This is an optional tag. You can apply the --custom-user-tags tags after creating the CDP environment. For more information, see --custom-user-tags.

    cdp opdb create-database --custom-user-tags
  • --use-hdfs | --no-use-hdfs (boolean)

    Controls whether HBase root can be deployed on HDFS. For more information, see using high performance storage.

    cdp opdb create-database --environment-name foo --database-name bar --use-hdfs
  • --attached-storage-for-workers

    Customizes the attached storage worker node for an HDFS cluster. You can define the EBS volumes for HDFS clusters.

    cdp opdb create-database --environment-name foo --database-name bar --use-hdfs --attached-storage-for-workers '{"volumeCount":2,"volumeType":"HDD","volumeSize":1000}'

    You can also view the customized attached storage worker nodes using the describe-database and list-database commands.