CDP CLI Beta command reference

You can learn about the various CDP Operational Database (COD) CLI Beta commands. You can run these commands to do administration and management tasks like create or describe a COD instance. To use any of the CDP CLI beta commands for Operational Database, you need to download and install the latest CDP CLI beta version.

Install CDP CLI Beta

Do not install both the regular and beta CLIs in the same Python environment, as they use the same entry points and will therefore conflict. Either use a separate virtual environment or uninstall the cdpcli first before installing cdpcli-beta.
  1. Install Python if needed, as described in CDP CLI documentation for your platform.
  2. Run the following to install CDP CLI Beta:
    pip3 install cdpcli-beta
  3. Configure access keys as described in Generating an API access key

CDP CLI Beta commands for Operational Database

Following is the list of CDP CLI Beta commands for the Operational Database.

[--auto-scaling-parameters <value>]
[--dns-forward-domain <value>]
[--dns-forward-ns-ip <value>]
[--subnet-id <value>]
[--custom-user-tags <value>]
[--use-hdfs | --no-use-hdfs]
  • --auto-scaling-parameters

    Parameters that helps you to configure and control autoscaling on a database.

    `cdp opdb create-database --auto-scaling-parameters`
Shorthand syntax:
JSON syntax:

            "targetedValueForMetric": integer,
            "maxWorkersForDatabase": integer,
            "maxWorkersPerBatch": integer,
            "minWorkersForDatabase": integer,
            "evaluationPeriod": integer,
            "minimumBlockCacheGb": integer
  • --dns-forward-domain

    You can use your domain name to configure the COD database to resolve from the nameserver provided in `--dns-forward-ns-ip`

    `cdp opdb create-database --dns-forward-domain`
  • --dns-forward-ns-ip
    This is the IP address of a DNS server outside of CDP to forward the name resolution requests to for the domain given in `--dns-forward-domain`
    `cdp opdb create-database --dns-forward-ns-ip`
  • --subnet-id

    This is the ID of the subnet in the cloud provider to launch infrastructure into when you are creating the database.

  • --custom-user-tags
    The list of key-value pairs to apply to the infrastructure launched in the cloud provider. You can identify and monitor infrastructure resources that are launched in your AWS account by applying the --custom-user-tags. This is an optional tag. You can apply the --custom-user-tags tags after creating the CDP environment. For more information, see --custom-user-tags.
    `cdp opdb create-database --custom-user-tags`
  • --use-hdfs | --no-use-hdfs (boolean)
    Controls whether hbase root can be deployed on hdfs. For more information, see using high performance storage.
    cdp opdb create-database --environment-name foo --database-name bar --use-hdfs

You can see all the CDP CLI Beta commands and their syntax in the command reference GitHub page.