Configure DNS

An edge node must have the ability to resolve the hostnames from your Cloudera Operational Database (COD). You must obtain the private IP address of the nameserver and configure it to resolve hostnames from your COD.

An edge node must be able to perform forward DNS lookups as well as reverse DNS lookups against your COD. Each CDP environment acts as its own DNS nameserver.
There are two ways to obtain the nameserver for your environment:
  • Obtain the nameserver IP address using the CDP Control Plane
  • Obtain the nameserver IP address using CDP CLI
  1. Go to the CDP Control Plane > Management Console.
  2. Click Environments and select your environment from the list of environments.
  3. Click Summary.
  4. Find the FreeIPA section and copy the content of the Private IP field.
    Alternatively you can obtain the namserver IP address using CDP CLI. Run the following command to get the nameserver IP address:
    $ cdp environments describe-environment --environment-name <your_environment> | jq '.environment.freeipa

    The nameserver IP address is displayed as the output. For example:

Configure the nameserver

After you have obtained the private IP address of the nameserver, modify the /etc/resolv.conf file on your edge node to list this private IP address as a nameserver. You can do this using the cat resov.conf nameserver <nameserver ip address> command.