Configure an edge node on Azure for COD

You must configure an edge node on Azure to run applications using HBase Java API or the Phoenix Thick JDBC driver. When configuring an edge node, you have to configure a networking line-of-sight, DNS and Kerberos.

By default, in Cloudera Operational Database (COD), your database is not accessible to the public internet, both due to security groups on the subnets of the VNet which the database is deployed into as well as ingress rules of the VNet itself.

The only exposed endpoint from the database is using the Apache Knox Gateway. This means that only clients which can be proxied by the Knox Gateway can be accessed outside of the VNet. The HBase Java API and Phoenix Thick JDBC driver cannot be proxied by Knox; the Phoenix thin client and the Python PhoenixDB library can be proxied by Knox.

A correctly configured edge node can run applications using the HBase Java API or the Phoenix Thick JDBC driver.