Disabling fast autoscaling in COD

You can disable the fast autoscaling in your COD cluster. However, the existing autoscaling mechanism operates as usual in the cluster.

  • The cluster must have the COD setup in the environment.
  • The node on which the steps are executed must have the CDP CLI installed.
  • Fast autoscaling must be enabled in your cluster.
  1. Launch the CDP CLI tool.
  2. Set the minimum and maximum Compute node counts to zero. This command deletes all the Compute nodes in the cluster.
    cdp opdb create-database —environment-name <env_name> –database-name <db_name> --auto-scaling-parameters '{"minComputeNodesForDatabase":0, "maxComputeNodesForDatabase": 0}'

    The subsequent autoscaling executions only impact the Worker instance group.