Enabling HBase region canary

You can enable the HBase canary, which is an optional service, to monitor the health of the HBase RegionServer.

COD provides the CLI option --enable-region-canary to add the HBase canaries to monitor the RegionServer health. You can use this option while creating an operational database using COD CLI.

The HBase canaries are added under the HBase service in the Cloudera Manager. You can view them under Cloudera Manager > HBase Service > Configuration tab.

Ensure that you have created a CDP environment and is ready to use it.
  1. Log in to the terminal that has the CDP CLI client installed.
  2. Use the following command to enable the HBase region canaries.
    cdp opdb create-database --environment-name ENVIRONMENT_NAME --database-name DATABASE_NAME --enable-region-canary

    For example,

    cdp opdb create-database --environment-name cdp_7215 --database-name cod_1 --enable-region-canary
The following HBase canaries are added on the Cloudera Manager UI.
  • hbase_region_health_canary_enabled (HBase Region Health Canary)
  • hbase_region_health_canary_slow_run_alert_enabled (HBase Region Health Canary Slow Run Alert Enabled)
  • hbase_canary_alert_unhealthy_region_percent_threshold (HBase Canary Unhealthy Region Percentage Alert Threshold)