Scaling COD instances vertically

You can scale up a COD cluster vertically, which means upgrading a COD cluster from a LIGHT duty to a HEAVY duty instance type. You can only upgrade COD clusters belonging to the Gateway and Master nodes.

Selecting a larger instance type adds more vCPU and/or RAM to your instances. You can scale up instances from LIGHT to HEAVY using the CDP CLI command tool.

  • You must stop the COD cluster before you vertically scale any of the instances.
  • You must grant CDP_CB_AWS_VERTICAL_SCALE entitlement for the specific tenant.
  • You must stop EBS-backed instances before scaling. Vertical scaling is supported on AWS only. See Change the instance type in AWS documentation for more information.
  • You must ensure that the COD clusters belong only to Gateway nodes or Master nodes.
  • You must download and install the latest CDP CLI beta version.
  1. Log in to the CDP CLI command tool.
  2. Run the following command.
    cdp opdb update-database --environment <environment_name> --database <database_name> -–vertical-scale <Group_type_for_the_database_nodes>
    The following are the possible values for the group type for the database nodes:
    • GATEWAY: Value of the group variable as GATEWAY.
    • MASTER: Value of the group variable as MASTER.
    For example,
    cdp opdb update-database --environment-name cod-7216-micro10 --database-name odx2408 --vertical-scale MASTER

Start the cluster after you have vertically scaled it. You can also configure the services on the cluster to use the additional or reduced resources/memory.