Introduction to Replication Manager

Replication Manager is a service in CDP Private Cloud Data Services. You can use this service to copy and migrate HDFS data and Hive external tables between CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 or higher clusters using Cloudera Manager version 7.7.3 or higher.

The following support matrix table lists the lowest supported Cloudera Manager version, Cloudera Runtime version, clusters, and supported services for Replication Manager:
Source cluster Lowest supported source Cloudera Manager version Lowest supported source Cloudera Runtime version Destination cluster Supported services on Replication Manager
CDP Private Cloud Base 7.7.3 7.1.8 CDP Private Cloud Base HDFS, external Hive tables

You can access the Replication Manager service on the CDP Private Cloud Data Services web interface. To replicate data between clusters, add the source and destination clusters on the Management Console > Clusters page, and then create HDFS and Hive replication policies in Replication Manager. The Replication Policies page shows the progress and status of replication policy jobs.

The Replication Manager supports the following features:

  • HDFS replication policies replicate files or directories in HDFS.

    Some use cases where you can use HDFS replication policies include:

    • replicating required data to another cluster to run load-intensive workflows on it which optimizes the primary cluster performance.

    • deploying a complete backup-restore solution for your enterprise.

  • Hive replication policies replicate Hive metadata and Hive external tables.

    Some use cases where you might find these replication policies useful is to:

    • backup legacy data for future use or archive cold data.
    • replicate or move data to cloud clusters to run analytics.